About Us

Manhattan Pet Service is proud to provide excellent, professional, and knowledgeable care to the pets and pet owners of Manhattan!  Known for providing expert pet care, friendly and reliable customer service, and reasonable rates, we are here for you and your pet!

We strive to take the stress out of leaving your pets by providing our clients with professional service that is always reliable, reasonable, and anxiety-free. If you worry about leaving your pet home alone, whether it's for a couple of hours during the work day or longer trips out of town, we are here to provide your pets with the same love and care that they have experienced from you. We make every effort to ensure your pet is just as happy as if you were there yourself!


We are more than just a dog walking service!  We provide individual and personalized care for each of the pets under our trust.  Our full list of services - including dog walking, in your home pet sitting, pet visits, puppy play-time, and dog training - is structured to provide pets with the highest quality of individual care and ensure pet owners that their pets are in capable hands while they're away.


Our dog training program is based on operant conditioning techniques learned and perfected from over seven years of animal training at SeaWorld San Antonio!  Operant conditioning, put simply states that, behavior that is followed by pleasant consequences -treats!- tends to be repeated and thus learned.  Behavior that is followed by unpleasant consequences -being ignored- tends not to be repeated and thus not learned.  We use these techniques to assist you and your pet with any issues you may be experiencing.