First and foremost, we are animal lovers!  Your pets' health and happiness is our #1 concern, so we provide professional and personal care to all of the pets on our watch.  Each animal deserves the same personalized attention that they would get from you, their owner, and that's what we strive to provide with all our services.

Dog Walking


We provide multiple options for your dogs' daily walks that best fits the routine that you've already established for them, but we never stray from our first priority of maintaining the safety and happiness of your furry loved one.  No large pack walks here!  We give individual attention to your personal pack of pups! Our walks include real time updates and GPS tracking.

20 Minute Walk

30 Minute Walk

45 Minute Walk

60 Minute Walk

Additional Dog(s)

$20 per Walk

$25 per Walk

$31 per Walk

$37 per Walk

$5 per Dog 

Home Visits/Pet Sitting

Sometimes you have to go out of town for a couple of days and your independent pet doesn't need overnight care, or your pet needs short-term, in-your-home visits.  We can help with that as well.  These short-term care visits will cover one potty break per visit, plus playtime, feeding, water change, and/or litter box cleanings.  For dogs we require at least one visit per day for every day that you're away, and every other day for cats.

20 Minute Visit

30 Minute Visit

45 Minute Visit

60 Minute Visit

Additional Dog(s)

$20 per Visit

$25 per Visit

$31 per Visit

$37 per Visit

$5 per Dog 

Overnight Stays


Need a vacation?  Have to go away on a business trip?  Need to skip town for a couple of days and lay low until the "heat wears off?"  Whether it's just for the night or a longer trip, we offer overnight stays with your pets in the comfort of their own home.  We want your pets to feel as comfortable with your absence as possible, so we strive to provide a familiar atmosphere and familiar face for your pet!  This service is provided based on availability.



Length                                                          Price per Night


Guaranteed minimum of 10 hours                                             $115.00

(This price is for one dog or up to three cats)


Additional dog or more than three cats                                      $15.00