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New York City Dog Sidekick Application
(No Calls Please)

Work outside with dogs at a great company!


Please fill out all fields below.

In the "About You" section, please provide the following:

  • Your availablity.  (Part-time or full-time?  Are you available Monday - Friday?  Are you available the same times of day Monday - Friday?)

  • Are you pursuing a specific career?  If so, what is the pursuit?

  • Please tell us your experience with animals and why you think you'd be great for this job.


By clicking Submit, you acknowledge that you are NOT guaranteed a responce to your application.  We can't get back to everyone, but we do promise to look at all applications.  Please do NOT call or email us about your application. We get many applicants and we do our best.  Thank you!

Thank you for applying with Manhattan Pet Service. Your details were sent successfully!

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