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Illegal Pets of NYC
NYC Small Mammals

Small mammals are very common pets in Manhattan, due to how small most human living spaces are. Of these small mammals, rabbits tend to be the most popular. In fact, many New Yorkers have adopted rabbits and later, realizing the work that rabbits require, released them into parks or surrendered them to a shelter. So many rabbits have been given up that it may soon be illegal to purchase rabbits in NYC. If you have a rabbit, or are thinking about getting a rabbit, hop here to be taken to a great resource for rabbit care or adoption. 


      Other Small Mammal Care Resources


Guinea Pig Care


Hamster Care



Gerbil Care



Rat and Mice Care


  • Wolf, fox, coyote, hyena, dingo, jackal, other undomesticated dogs

  • Lion, tiger, leopard, jaguar, puma, panther, mountain lion, cheetah, cougar, bobcat, lynx, other undomesticated cats

  • Ferret, weasel, mink, badger, wolverine, skunk, mongoose

  • Squirrel, raccoon, bat

  • Tarantula, black widow, other venomous spiders

  • Iguana, Gila monster, many other lizards

  • Monkey, ape, chimpanzee, gorilla

  • Viper, cobra, python, anaconda, many other snakes

  • Alligator, crocodile, snapping turtle, other turtles less than 4 inches in length

  • Eagle, hawk, falcon, owl, vulture, emu, ostrich, other large or predatory birds

  • Rooster, duck, goose, turkey

  • Bee (other than a honeybee), hornet, wasp, other venomous insects

  • Gopher, woodchuck, beaver, hedgehog, porcupine, other large rodents

  • Deer, antelope, llama, camel

  • Sheep, goat, pigs, and most farm animals

  • Kangaroo, opossum, koala, other marsupials


To see the full list, follow this link: 


Birds are another common pet among Manhattanites because of their ability to easily be housed in an apartment.  Below are a few helpful links to provide your bird the best care possible.


Top Bird Stores in Manhattan


General Bird Care


NY Bird Rescue



Top Ten Bird Poisons



NYC Birds
NYC Amphibians & Reptiles 

With the housing situation of Manhattan it's not uncommon to find a Manhattanite who, instead of having a cat or dog furry companion, oftentimes has a much smaller and sometimes less hairy pet. 

NYC Fish

Caring for fish may seem easy at first, but one quickly realizes how untrue this can be. Caring for fish becomes more of a hobby, or an art. Depending on the type of fish you get, size of tank, fresh or salt water, and knowledge of proper tank maintenance, your experience may become overwhelming at times. However with the right knowledge and maintenance schedule a fish tank can be a wonderful, entertaining, and calming addition to any room. 


It's important to note that although goldfish are typically seen living in bowls or small aquariums, this is not the proper housing for them. Goldfish can grow to be rather large, and it's recommended that for one goldfish, your tank be at least 30 gallons. For more than one goldfish, add an additional 12 gallons per fish. To learn more about goldfish care swim here.


Fish Care


  Pets of Manhattan

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