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The MPS Team


Owner & Animal Trainer

For seven years Chaz devoted his life to training and caring for dolphins, sea lions, walruses, otters, whales, dogs, and birds at SeaWorld San Antonio. The training methods Chaz studied, and is familiar with, are all based on operant condition, positive reinforcement, where the training focus is primarily on the positive and ignoring the negative (incorrect behavior). With this Chaz has trained multiple behaviors ranging from back flips to simple stay or sit behaviors.

Chaz has always had a strong passion for animals and the world that we share with them. Since he was a small child, Chaz knew he wanted to work with animals, so at the age of eight he joined his local FFA chapter. In that organization Chaz was able to get hands-on experience raising and caring for cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, turkeys, and horses; as well as getting to work with dogs who are trained to heard livestock. With this knowledge, Chaz was able to volunteer at a local veterinary hospital where he got plenty of hands-on experience working with both healthy and sick animals.

Knowing the excitement and fulfillment he got from getting to work with these incredible animals, Chaz knew this was the path he wanted to take. At the age of sixteen, Chaz applied at SeaWorld as a lifeguard where he hoped he could get his foot in the door to get to work with the amazing animals they had in their care. That is just what he did, and then, he finished his Bachelor's Degree in Communications and was hired on to join the animals' training team at SeaWorld. The past six years were more than he could have ever asked for and the knowledge and experiences he was able to gain from it will be with him for the rest of his life.


With his knowledge and love for animals he wanted to continue to ensure he was making a difference for them and so decided to co-open a professional dog sitting business where his expertise and love could be used to benefit all the marvelous pets of Manhattan.  Chaz looks forward to caring for your loved ones with the utmost care and love!


Owner, Manager, Animal Trainer

Tarl is an avid animal lover and has never lived in a home that he didn't share with at least one dog. He's also never met a dog he doesn't like.

Tarl has spent many years providing pet care services to pet owners in the San Antonio area, as well as, volunteering at his local Humane Society, working with San Antonio R.O.C.K.S. (a San Antonio area based, nonprofit, dog fostering organization).  He also spent two years with Petco where he was promoted to "Reptile Specialist" and spent time learning from the Animal Trainer during her weekly dog training sessions.


After earning his Bachelor's Degree in Business Management at UTSA, Tarl joined the corporate world as a Business Consultant, but never fully felt satisfied, knowing that he was always meant to devote his life to working with and caring for animals. 


He then decided to co-open a professional pet care service in the Manhattan area to bring his love and joy for animal care as well as his knowledge of business to the city.



Heidi moved to NYC several years ago from Dallas, Texas to experience life in the big city. When Heidi first moved to NYC she started out by being a nanny for children and pets. She made the decision to quit her job to follow her dream of working with pets.  While working with Manhattan Pet Service, she plans to contintue her petcare education by taking grooming and pet training class.  She's dedicated to providing well rounded care for the dogs and cats of New York City.  She hopes  to one day work with non-profit organizations that benefit animals.


"Animals offer us laughter and love, the two best things in existence. I am lucky to feel this way every week working with MPS!"



Ariela has always had a passion for animals. Growing up she always had cats, dogs, and fish that lived with her and her family. Since moving to New York from Seattle a few years ago, to attend NYU, she has been missing her three pooches and two (part African wild) cats, whom she regularly cared for and walked together. To help with the longing she felt from not having her fuzzy family members with her, Ariela started doing freelance dog walking and pet sitting for
various breeds in Washington State and Manhattan. We're happy we found this amazing person to join our pet sidekick


I love animals and relish the opportunity to work with them through Manhattan Pet Service.”



Ben's experience with animals is essentially his life, as from day one his family has owned at least one dog, oftentimes having two in the home. This being said, Ben adores both dogs and cats. Pets in general, he thinks, are great and he won't discriminate. From before college and throughout, he had pet-sat and walked dogs of friends, family friends, co-workers, and visiting guests to his college and thoroughly enjoyed not only the time with the animals, but getting to know the owners as well. Ben has also volunteered in kennels, shelters, and stables and has experience with animals who do not get along.


 "MPS serves as a beautiful coalescence of the things I love, which are essentially dogs, cats, exploring Manhattan, and meeting new people."



Brooke began pet sitting while going to school in San Francisco, where she also adopted her first dog. She has experience walking and caring for pets in the hustle and bustle of city life.  


"I love surrounding myself with dogs. It wasn't until I raised my own in college where I really realized how much I enjoy the training aspects and nurturing. The loyalty they have is truly amazing, I really couldn't ask for anything better than to work with them and spend my days seeing them develop.”



Michaela's a native New Yorker who grew up caring for her two pups her whole life.  She's had a lot of experience walking, cleaning, feeding, and loving them. Michaela is currently working towards her degree in Communication and a minor in Urban Studies because of her love for urban development and cities.


"While working for MPS, I spend my days doing my two most favorite things.  Working with loving animals and exploring this wonderful city. It is a truly amazing experience.”



Morgan recently graduated from Fordham University and has been working with us for the past two months. While she was in college she spent the past few years volunteering at Animal Haven in Lower Manhattan walking and caring for the animals in their care. Growing up, she and her family always had dogs and cats. She still currently has two cats! While in college she was missing having dogs in her life, which inspired her to begin volunteering with Animal Haven. It was there that she began to realize she wanted to work with animals going forward. 

"Animals are such a genuine combination of love and compassion. I can't think of a better job than being a sidekick with MPS where I get to spend every day surrounded by the positive and loving energy of animals. "




"When I was in my teens, I lived with my aunt and we had about 5 dogs and 3 cats living in one house! Some of them were rescued and it was rewarding that I got to help them and get them through their issues and see them shine! They all were different in their own unique way, and had funny/great personalities!  


I'm honored to be able to be a sidekick who gets to meet all of these wonderful pets and join them on their adventures. This has made everyday lively and fun! I couldn't ask for a better job than to be a sidekick to these pets and see them shine like the loving animals that they are!" -Samantha


Carolean came to MPS with a lot of previous pet care experience. She originally starting working with dogs through living with her best friend who owned five Pomeranians. Not long after she started working for PuppyPals. Then after PuppyPals she started working for Petco as a part-time dog trainer, where she learned the fundamentals of operant conditioning animal training.

"I love animals dearly! I am currently attending Penn Fosters online for their Vet Tech program. I hope to work at a zoo or vet office one day." - Carolean


Nichelle joins the MPS team with over four years of experience as a dog walker and dog trainer with Petco's Unleashed. She's a lover of all pets, having both a dog and cat of her own. Along with walking her own pup and four years of experience training at Petco, she's spent time as an independent dog walker for friends and neighbors in her NYC community. 

"I have loved animals since before I could even walk. I love the silly randomness that comes with owning a dog and the knowledge of always being on guard with owning a cat. I feel it would be amazing to be able to spread the happiness to as many pets as possible." -Nichelle

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