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The Manhattan Pet Experience

Having a pet in New York City is a unique and exhilirating experience, especially when you live in Manhattan. The island of Manhattan is approximintley 13.4 miles long and at its widest 2.3 miles wide. This 22.7 square mile metropolis is home to over 1.6 million people and a guestemation of 239,500 pets (dogs and cats). Needless to say, this can make having a pet here a little hectic at times. However, with a few helpful tips and resources you and your furry loved one can safely enjoy the thrill that comes with living in the amazing place we call home.


While getting the pleasure of caring for some of Manhattan's wonderful pets, we have learned a few things that can help make their life and yours easier and less stressful. Down below you will find clickable buttons for each kind of pet. Follow the links to find more information about your pet and the city.


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